"Wynonna Earp’ Is Back With Kickass Premiere: “Steel Bars and Stone Walls”

This week on #WynonnaEarp: Doc loses his hat, the black goo affects Waverly in strange ways, the team tries to rescue Dolls, Nedley is the MVP. Here we go, y’all. Another summer, another season of Wynonna Earp.(Here’s hoping I’m saying that for a few more years to come.) I teased a bit about season two last week but now I get to talk about the real deal. Season two’s premiere of Wynonna Earpstarts off on the heels of last season’s finale with Waverly shooting at a demon straight off the set of Stranger Things.Wynonna shows up and shoots the flower-faced monster in its petals, but not before the creature eats Doc’s hat. Of all the losses we’ve suffered on the show (Bobo RIP), I mourn the loss of Doc’s hat the most. Dolls mentions it later but boy does Doc look naked without it. Tim Rozon has a lovely scalp and head of hair but he needs something there. Maybe later in the year Doc will have a Pretty Woman montage where he tries on different styles of headwear and then just opts for a manb…
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